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Hungry Bauducco


Bauducco is a traditional brand, famous for its panettones. It is so traditional and Christmas-related that young people tend to not recognize its Easter products.

Bauducco needed help introducing a new Snickers-flavored treat that young Brazilians might love but didn’t know existed. They turned to W3heaus to create a social campaign targeting this specific demographic.

Through careful social listening, W3haus discovered the common factor of many young Brazilians: their extreme distaste for raisins. To grab their attention, W3haus promoted a new Bauducco product, with 200% more raisins. Young Brazilians took their bait and flooded social media with commenting, tagging friends, social shares and even some defending the fake treat.

At the height of confusion, W3haus revealed the real product: a Snickers-flavored treat, which brought much relief and interest to this demographic; thus achieving the goal of Bauducco.

The social campaign garnered more than 870,000 engagements; a 245% growth in searches for “Colomba di Pasqua Bauducco” on Google; and a record 12% growth in Bauducco’s Colomba di Pasqua sales.