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adidas Campaign Lookbooks


VOLTAGE strategy, design, and development skills come together to help adidas launch an engaging, targeted, streamlined shopping experience for unique adidas collections.

adidas came to VOLTAGE looking for a fresh, innovative way to showcase their product technology and target a younger, digital, mobile-focused audience. VOLTAGE took that seed and grew it into a full-fledged selling machine for adidas. They concepted an image-driven, user-friendly lookbook campaign to help push the adidas 2017 Winter Collection. Highly visual and easy to shop, this first lookbook directly targeted a younger audience with design and UX and yielded impressive results. 

By combining strategy, content and design, VOLTAGE helped adidas increase their Winter Collection sales, click throughs and conversion rates. In fact, their first lookbook saw such great results that other departments started asking for lookbooks of their own. To date, they have produced five lookbooks for different product lines and continue to work on new launches for adidas.

Across several campaigns, adidas Campaign Lookbooks designed by VOLTAGE have: improved sales by 90% within the category, increased click-throughs to other content by 67%, produced a 43% conversion rate, organized and cataloged over 30,000 customer-centric videos.