The Soda Academy

Grub Gourmet Brand Launch

In support of a new-brand launch, Grub Gourmet partnered with VOLTAGE to strategize, develop and deploy their brand voice and identity through social media and their own dot-com site.

Before they settled on the final name, logo and packaging, the marketing team behind Grub Gourmet knew that doing digital “right” was important to the success of the brand launch. Selecting VOLTAGE to bring the brand to life in the digital space (before it was even a concept!), Grub Gourmet, VOLTAGE and the branding team worked closely together to create a unique content calendar for launch and the months to follow. 

By integrating owned content, social channel development and building all the fun, engaging (and sometimes silly) assets for the new food brand, VOLTAGE defined the Grub Gourmet voice in the digital space and supported their launch in retail locations. While still too early to speak to results (the product has been on shelves for less than two weeks!), initial interest and feedback has been positive.