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Standard Cognition


Standard Cognition, a San Francisco-based startup, developed a system that enables autonomous checkout for brick & mortar retailers. They came to Viget to quickly develop a suite of apps that made their back-end technology operational for users.

Standard Cognition is thinking past store checkout lines by combining machine learning and camera-enabled computer vision to create a line-free experience for shoppers. This back-end software wasn’t ready for users, though, and with just 4 weeks to get their product to market, they came to Viget. Viget’s task was to develop the user-facing product as they finalized the core service offering.

Viget worked with Standard Cognition to hit this deadline and the result was three applications tailored to the specific users—an app for shoppers that eliminates the checkout line, a kiosk app for shoppers that don’t have the app downloaded, and a final app for the store manager to track and manage store activity.

In addition to the unique tasks each app performed, it was essential they seamlessly communicated with Standard Cognition’s AI. Through this sprint process, Viget completed rigorous code reviews to ensure Standard Cognition understood their work and process, resulting in user-friendly products they could easily transition the management of to their development team.

Viget created user interfaces for Standard Cognitions’ AI-powered checkout technology by using React Native and ReactJS to develop a suite of apps in just 4 weeks.