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Verizon Digital Kiosk

Two Bulls


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Utility wrapped in delight; a kiosk built for connection.

After partnering with Frog to ideate an enclosure and high-level brand for their innovative citizen engagement kiosk, LQD Wifi approached Two Bulls to bring the experience to life. Because of our work in those first months LQD was acquired by Verizon and were positioned to take their demo model from sales floor flair to full-fledged production unit. Aluminum and steel needed to replace wood. Complex custom systems needed to be fabricated from scratch to house a myriad technologies.

While the mechanical engineers labored to bring physicality to the Verizon Digital Kiosk (VDK), Two Bulls worked to create a majority of the technical and experiential elements needed within. Several cross-functional teams containing engineers, creatives, delivery and quality assurance professionals worked to conceptualize and implement a singular experience. Two Bulls delivered a suite of engagement applications, a custom-built android OS, dynamic ad serving platform, emergency services, accessibility features and a one-of-a-kind CMS to power it all.

VDK brings communities together around the places, activities and information that make every city unique. In one can’t-miss location (it stands at 14 feet tall), residents and visitors alike can interact with it to find what they’re looking for: their next favorite store, a hip new restaurant, or the weather. With free WiFi, phone calls and real-time community info, VDK helps more people tap into their city.

In 3 months, Two Bulls went from concept design to functional software culminating in LQD’s acquisition by Verizon a month later. For almost two years following the acquisition, our cross-functional teams owned the technical and creative solutions within. The first unit went into the ground in the Spring of 2018.