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Spicing Up McCormick’s Website


McCormick needed a sleek new website that translated across 29 brands and 140+ countries.

Traction designed one for them that was responsive, intuitive, and showcased McCormick’s new drive to be an innovative flavor leader.

In early 2018, McCormick decided that their website was in need of a modern update; Traction enthusiastically obliged. It started with a scrutinous deep-dive into the mechanics of McCormick’s existing site. They reconsidered the flow of content and completely restructured the user experience so it worked across McCormick’s three distinct audiences: consumers, job seekers, and investors.

The project was equal parts science and art: a global, online, ethnographic study and extensive stakeholder interviews informed the website UX, while efficient purposeful design kept content legible across user’s devices. The end result? Clean, simple functionality that never gets in the way of its stunning visuals, and a personable character that firmly establishes McCormick as a leader in the flavor industry.

The Taste of Success: One consistent structure that meets the needs of 29 brands across 140+ countries; An intuitive and engaging UX that works for global audiences; A measurement plan to establish a meaningful portfolio of site performance goals; A flexible, modular CMS build that is easy to update and maintain.