The Soda Academy

Nickelodeon Animation Studio’s 25th Anniversary

As a part of a long-standing relationship and the studio’s ongoing efforts to attract the next generation of talent, Struck worked alongside Nickelodeon Animation Studio to design a traveling exhibition and limited edition coffee table book in celebration of the studio’s 25th anniversary. Both the exhibit and coffee table book honor the storied studio and pay homage to Nick’s creator-first driven culture.

The limited-edition book, You Can’t Do That on Television: The Rebellious History of Nickelodeon, combines original sketches, pop-outs and text by Jerry Beck to weave together the edgy and groundbreaking history that is Nickelodeon Animation Studio. Beginning with the launch of Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats and Doug in 1991, to becoming a global brand, and then on into the rocket-fueled future of animation – entertainment for kids, by kids.

The exhibition, which opened in April 2016 at California State University, Fullerton, also followed Nick’s DNA and the spark that led to the genesis of the original studio – the creators and their processes – with over two hundred pieces and talks by the creators of the original three shows. The 3,000-square foot exhibition hall showcased commissioned kinetic and motion sculptures, original sketches by the creators of Nick’s wacky animated characters and art that transported visitors back to the shows that crept into the deepest corners of creativity and imagination.