The Soda Academy

Skyspace - LA Immersive Experiences

The US Bank Tower in LA, the tallest building west of the Mississippi, requires visitors to transfer between elevator banks to get to the top. The owners and space designers asked Stimulant to envision a way to make this transition exciting, suspenseful, and purposeful.

The experiences are designed to fit within a “journey towards visibility” that begins with low-resolution installations from others at the base and ends with the grand reveal of the view and the one-of-a-kind “Skyslide” on the 70th floor.

The first experience is the 360 Landscape, a 50’ x 30’ interactive projection-mapped ellipsoid space which surrounds visitors with an abstract representation of the topography of LA. A custom-fabricated railing hides a collection of LEDs which animate in front of visitors as they approach, drawing them toward the projection. Visitors move around the space at their own pace to crack open each gem and uncover playfully-animated graphics for points of interest that are visible from the top floor. The next attraction celebrates the height of the tower: a one-of-a-kind Infinity Mirror mimics the unique shape and lights at the crown of the building. LEDs in the fixture respond to visitor presence and animate in a spirited fashion. High quality mirrors in the fixture make the effect appear to drop off into infinity, leaving the true depth a mystery to guests standing on top of the structural glass as they snap their epic selfies.

The final installation prepares visitors mentally to elevate up the remaining 16 floors to level 70. The Reflection Wall experience playfully tracks visitors’ body shapes with thousands of effervescent digital bubbles. A timed “flash” freezes their poses for posterity (and picture-taking) before casting their bubbly avatars upward on magical winds.

The sensing and interaction for these pieces is driven by the “StimuSense” platform, which allows for unique but anonymous visitor tracking throughout a space. In these installations, Stimulant tracks each visitors’ position, direction, and velocity of movement in real-time to power environmental responses while simultaneously delivering insightful spatial and usage analytics to operations staff.