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The Interactive Documentary takes you into the heart of the LGBTQ+ vogue ball scene in the world’s biggest Pacific city, Auckland New Zealand.

The experience uses a gaming methodology, drawing the audience into the story through intuitive interactions while they learn about vogue culture. Audiences can choose striking characters and locations to judge a vogue dance battle. Selecting a winner will unlock short-form documentaries, revealing the personal lives of five performers. 

Interactive elements allow users to control aspects of the experience, involving them in the story and allowing them to play an active role throughout. After a short introduction, users enter a custom 360° environment, where they can select a performer and location for a dance battle. During the battle, users can tap-and-hold to enable slow motion, allowing them to explore each moment in greater detail. Powering FAFSWAGVOGUE is Resn’s interactive video platform, Cake, previously seen in projects like Converse Diamonds, VeilHymn and Pocket Mustang.

FAFSWAGVOGUE was made in collaboration with Piki Films, the FAFSWAG collective and director Tanu Gago, with funding from New Zealand On Air.