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Next generation platform for retail giant cleared five-year backlog in just eight months

The client, one of the largest retailers in the UK was experiencing lost revenue in the millions, due to higher than expected drop-out rates on its ecommerce platform.

Streamlining teams and implementing cutting-edge tech

Red Badger enabled the client to work with the agility of a start-up: re-engineering its workflow with Lean practices and helping it break down department silos by keeping design, development and testing in one place. The benefits included:

  • A shorter feedback loop
  • Team-wide responsibility for each decision
  • Elimination of waste
  • Driven determination and focus to deliver value to customers, faster
  • A sped-up delivery, over four years early

They worked closely with the retailer’s engineering team to recommend and introduce a progressive selection of cutting-edge technology.

By using a combination of Node.js and React.js, the team could develop an app that delivers a consistent experience across all devices. The application is fast and responsive, delivering far better usability for customers.

Moving into the Cloud, using advanced technology such as Docker Containers, AWS ECS and Terraform, the ecommerce store could incorporate auto cloud scaling which expands and contracts resource allocation to match customer demand. This is vital in helping to cope with the huge growth in revenue and transaction volumes experienced by the retailer, especially around times of peak demand such as Christmas and Black Friday.

Finally, by building Automated Test and Continuous Deployment Pipelines, new features are enabled to be constantly trickled into production, continually delivering new value to customers and substantially reducing risk. Previously, the client released quarterly but can now release multiple times a day with deployments taking minutes, rather than days.