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Seagram's Gin - A Different Spirit

Seagram's Gin tapped Ready Set Rocket to bring their revitalized aesthetic and tone of voice to life for a younger, multicultural millennial audience.

Spirits brands have historically portrayed fast-paced, glamorous lifestyles aimed at the young and hungry. While appealing, weekends spent enjoying limousines and bottle service are often unrealistic for busy young professionals.

In redefining what they stand for, Seagram’s Gin traded luxury for grittiness, creating a story that appeals to the modern hustler – a hardworking, multicultural millennial who defines success not by money and material possessions, but by passion and meaningful achievements.

From stop motion video, to infographics, and beautiful photography, Ready Set Rocket developed a content creation strategy that showcases Seagram’s products and the lifestyle they represent. The new positioning has increased Seagram’s relevance among the target multicultural millennial audience, and generated real results including an increase in brand awareness, and more than 24.6M impressions.