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Breathing Life Into Robotics

A groundbreaking technology that will change the future of robotics forever.

Nothing gets Pound & Grain more excited than when a client approaches them with a challenge like actualizing movement within a unique digital experience. So, when Genesis Robotics wanted to launch a site that explained their new technology Live Drive, they jumped at the opportunity to reimagine movement on the web.

With a focus on storytelling through visuals, Pound & Grain’s solution was to hand over the controls of all the site’s movement to the user. This meant that every scroll, every click, and every action performed by the user prompted a unique animated sequence that mimics the movement of Live Drive technology.

Design, animation, and development teams needed to work very closely together during their process to ensure everything moved as one. Just like Live Drive, Pound & Grain wanted to ensure that movement on the site was reactionary and always felt fluid and natural. To accomplish this, they animated each transitional sequence as a separate piece. They then assembled the animations in a sequence that made sense for the story of the site. From there, they integrated all the animation with scrolling actions to constantly put forth a sense of movement, no matter where you are on the site.

The outcome was a seamless marriage between storytelling, user interaction, design, and animation all working together to immerse users in a unique digital experience.