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A Celebration of Digital Entertainment

Pound & Grain


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Dealing Out 360-Degree Narratives

When the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s Casinos BC brand wanted to partner up to increase their social media presence and launch new and innovative digital products to alter perceptions of what casinos are all about, of course Pound & Grain weren’t going to fold.

To shift the way our audience thinks about casinos, they developed a creative strategy that highlights the gaming, food and entertainment that BCLC casinos offers in an unconventional way and leveraged our key message of “When you’re open to anything, anything can happen.”

While 30-second TV commercials are nice, they often leave fans wanting more. So, Pound & Grain took the narrative beyond a single screen and created a multidimensional digital campaign. With the help of a local celebrity, they created a series of online videos, interactive Contobox banners, social GIFs, and native in-feed posts that shared the backstory behind a night out at the casino. Fuelled by a combination of characters, events and amenities you can only find at your local BCLC casino, their vibrant creative showed audiences the fun they can have with Casinos BC.

They even took the experience granular by creating a series of geo-located display banners and themed landing pages showcasing the different types of nights out. From Date Night, to Guys’ Night, to Girls’ Night and beyond, they strategically flighted these assets at specific times during the week to align with when our target would be planning their own nights out, ensuring we earned their attention and created a promising space to flip perceptions.

Creating a multifaceted digital campaign for BCLC was an incredible experience both creatively and strategically. This project challenged Pound & Grain to think from both a narrative and technical standpoint in order to create user friendly, engaging content that successfully challenged perceptions and produced results.