The Soda Academy

Radio Engineering Industries (REI)

Redefining the modern AOR relationship, Phenomblue created consistent and correlated projects for their client REI

REI is a commercial-grade electronics manufacturer based in Omaha, NE, with a wide variety of sophisticated equipment offerings made for any moving vehicle. Like many businesses, REI needed to evolve how it engages with its customer base, communicates offerings and sells products to sustain its position as an industry leader. REI launched an RFP to accomplish this through a website update and, while that was one solution, Phenomblue implemented Rova’s suggested methodology to identify that a branding and messaging initiative was at the root of what would be an ongoing, successful strategic agency-client relationship.

Using the Rova platform, Phenomblue started by identifying REI’s goals and defining what success would look like for them through measurable tactics that could be tracked and attributed in the Rova software. This led to creating video content and enhanced, responsive features for so customers can see how REI has evolved not only its brand, but the way they do business. Since Rova’s methodology establishes measurements, creates a plan for success and ensures the integrity of ongoing efforts, additional work like an online product catalog was implemented to result in more efficient workflows and significant cost savings for REI.