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Marquee Sports & Entertainment

Perficient Digital

Launching an experiential brand with an immersive experience.

Marquee Sports & Entertainment is a new agency for partnerships, meetings, events, and experiences across some of the most powerful properties in sports and entertainment, including Wrigley Field.

Recognizing the need to transform how they communicate and market their brands, Marquee Sports and Entertainment sought to drive customer engagement online by placing people virtually inside its brand experience. Perficient Digital designed and built a site to showcase its unique spaces and experiences.

The first step was redefining the look and feel of the brand itself. Inspired by vintage sports ephemera, they defined a palette of typography, color, graphic and photo styling to give Marquee a brand treatment that is both a nod to the past and a look to the future.

The Marquee Sports and Entertainment website features 360-degree photo panorama functionality and an interactive virtual reality experience that enables visitors to preview each of the venues and get a sense of the scope and feel for the location—an immersive experience that goes beyond a traditional website’s photo gallery.