The Soda Academy

Transforming a Cultural Institution

What if…an 80-year-old historical cultural institution could embrace digital to become a content publisher and center for innovation?

Perficient Digital helped The Henry Ford embrace the connected consumer, to deliver a world-class user experience that blends physical and digital. Leveraging its deep wealth of knowledge, information, and physical artifacts, the brand programs its content like a publisher; driving engagement, excitement, and cultural relevance 365 days a year.

A Responsive Experience
Perficient took the 54,000 pages on the and made them responsive and rich in visual design, while delivering an expansive customer experience across many digital channels and devices.

Digital Artifacts
Portable and deeply immersive digital artifact cards were created for each and every artifact. These cards are meant to be shared, bringing the first automobile or the civil rights movement to a blog or social network near you.

Data-Driven Stories
The collections data represents every artifact, innovation, and story meticulously curated and cataloged. This data informs our digital artifact cards, which are mixed and matched to create various immersive stories of culture and innovation.

Thinking Like a Publisher
Perficient crafted distinctly branded content in the form of a video series showing the hidden connections between items in the digital collection, and an in-depth “What If” narrative series on inventors and their inventions

Monetizing an Artifact
Purchase-path opportunities allow visitors to purchase tickets, memberships, make donations, and buy retail items with the click of a mouse or tap of a finger.

Robust search tools simplify discovery of The Henry Ford’s more than 52,000 digital artifacts. The site consists of approximately 1.5+ terabytes of archive-related images and documents.