The Soda Academy

Building on a Brand Promise

Organic created a centralized site experience that allows users to interact and connect with Wells Fargo — building upon the brand story.

When Wells Fargo looked to refresh their brand messaging, Organic had the opportunity to strengthen the impact of the campaign by driving deeper engagement with content online to increase relevance with consumers.

Evolving the Working Together platform, Wells Fargo launched a brand campaign meant to recognize the many reasons their customers work hard, and Wells Fargo’s commitment to help them reach their financial goals. Organic developed an online experience providing users with interactive tools and information that demonstrate how the brand helps consumers and communities financially succeed

In thinking through the structure of the site, Organic looked to answer the question: How can we help consumers feel informed, inspired, and valued? Ultimately, this led to an experience that offered greater content relevance as users made their way through the site.

Starting with the Wells Fargo brand promise of “working together”, consumers were then given information about services and tools that demonstrate tangible ways the brand delivers on its promise. For consumers interested in participating, the experience offered links to stories, an interactive map, and relevant benefits.

Through stories, videos, and educational articles, the site moved beyond storytelling by providing growing levels of personal engagement:

  • A motion vignette in the masthead reinforced key brand takeaways (security, philanthropy, and financial goals).
  • Information about Wells Fargo advances in security.
  • Featured stories about those who’ve benefited from Wells Fargo’s philanthropic efforts. Plus, a link to learn more about those respective charities.
  • Educational content was offered when users self-select what their financial goal(s) were: Managing their day-to-day finances, saving for a large item, planning for retirement, or running a business.
  • Concluded with an easy way for users to make an appointment or find a location near them.