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Destination British Columbia



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Destination British Columbia (DBC)—BC’s provincial Destination Marketing Organization (DMO)—has been on a journey of aggressive transformation.

Leading a network of Regional and Community DMOs, Industry Associations and 19,000+ Tourism Operators, they have recognized that if British Columbia is to be competitive in the rapidly-growing tourism space, they would collectively need to market smarter and more efficiently than their richly-funded international competitors.

At the center of this transformation is a province-wide realignment into a multi-level co-operative marketing model, centered around integrated data strategies and real-time data-sharing, pioneered and captained by Noise Digital.

This ongoing strategy to transform BC’s tourism landscape was actioned in-campaign for the first time by Noise for the 2017/18 Ski season. The “Right Message, Right Traveler, Right Time” mantra was extended across multiple industry stakeholders, in a coordinated effort to drive increased media efficiency, and quantifiable media impact from the top to the bottom of the funnel.

In an ambitious audience collection program, over 19,000 BC tourism operators were tagged with Referral, Engaged Referral and Booking tags, providing Noise with a more-complete view of the travel path-to-purchase: from initial-prospecting, consideration, trip-planning and final booking.

Leveraging this audience-collection program in a media campaign for the first time, Noise and Destination BC partnered with the BC Ski Areas Co-Op in an integrated 2017/18 Ski Campaign, utilizing audience data to improve top-of-funnel targeting, messaging personalization and platform optimization, in real time.

Through a series of sequenced content on Facebook, YouTube and Display, the Destination BC portion of the digital campaign focused on high-funnel awareness to prospect for potential skiers.

Focusing on markets in Ontario and the Western U.S., leads were qualified and segmented—based on media engagement (clicks, video views, video completions) and ski vertical-specific web engagement (site traffic, email sign-ups, map and gallery interactions)—then handed-off to tagged ski resorts for retargeting.

The initial awareness campaign generated 14.9 million engagements, with 1.3 million leads generated for retargeting. The retargeting campaign tracked 12,800 conversions, and based on these results, 4 more ski resorts have signed-on to the program, with similar programs planned for Golf, Mountain Biking, Fishing and Wine tourism.