The Soda Academy

Driving Premium Clients to Mazda

How does a well-known automotive brand reach premium car buyers? Create a premium, digital experience.

Mazda wanted to reinvent the way consumers research and purchase vehicles online, so they turned to Mirum (part of Garage Team Mazda) to transform their digital experience and reach this new premium audience.

Mirum set to work redesigning and rebuilding from the road…rather, ground, up.

They began transforming Mazda’s digital experience with their “PRO” creative principles: Premium, Real and Ownable design. And every element of the site experience laddered back to them.

With “PRO” in place, Mirum began crafting a clean, uncompromising design system, one that would seamlessly integrate a data-driven approach that could build brand affinity, improve customer service, and increase sales. They wanted the design of the site to be so intuitive it was invisible to the average user. The result was an elegant, premium shopping experience with a brand personality that is unique to Mazda.

The entire site was built with mobile in mind. It is fully responsive, capable of being experienced on any size of screen, making previous car-shopping features, ones that had been exclusive to desktop, available on any device.

On the backend, Mirum installed a modern technology platform, leveraging the Episerver CMS and Adobe Analytics. This enabled Mazda to effectively manage brand content and gain valuable insights on customer behaviors, ultimately transforming the way they do business.

To ensure they were helping Mazda make what’s next, the new was built with continuous evolution in mind, allowing the brand and platform to adapt and grow, no matter what road the customer takes.