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Weta Workshop

A Global Ecommerce Website

Weta Workshop is the high-end movie production company responsible for hits that range from The Lord of the Rings and King Kong to Tin-Tin and Ghost in the Shell. In addition to designing and building some of the most visually immersive scenes on the big screen, Weta also produces high end collectables for fans around the world.

Metajive partnered with Weta to create an ecommerce website that would service fans globally by utilizing four warehouses and supporting five currencies. Its role was to create an entire website production that would balance commerce and brand in a symbiotic relationship with the epic movies that Weta is known for making.

With more visually engaging assets than most brands, Metajive kept the site structure simple with a clear hierarchy, bold type, custom icons and prominent calls to action to increase conversion. The site’s responsive design system lets Weta’s high quality products shine while feeling at home within their respective brand elements.