The Soda Academy

Re-inventing the Mattress

Mentally Friendly worked with Australia’s oldest mattress manufacturer to make a mattress fit for the 21st century.

Sleepsense is an adjustable smart bed. So even if you get it home to find it a little soft it’s no problem. It also gives you the power to track how well you’re sleeping and empowers you to act on this information by adjusting your mattress for a better night’s sleep.

Helping A.H. Beard transform into a customer-facing technology business
Simply having the bedding technology and an App to control it wasn’t enough for this product to succeed — it required an end-to-end approach from manufacturing, all the way through to customer service. For us to help shift the company from a manufacturing company — where the release of each new mattress follows a tried-and-tested process — to a customer facing technology company, we needed to work with them to develop new capabilities. Acknowledging that a revolutionary product is only one piece of the customer experience, we worked with A.H. Beard to make sure all touch points were considered — from how retail staff go through training, to how customer service staff will respond to and prioritize customer feedback