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The Jack Ryan Training Field

Media Monks

A hyper-realistic VR experience that helps fans become part of the story of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Combining technology and thrills, The Jack Ryan Training Field is a hyper-realistic 4D experience that challenged Comic-Con visitors to navigate a 30ft-high obstacle course in VR. Equipped with an Oculus Rift, fans rappel from helicopters, cross narrow planks between buildings and zipline from rooftops to complete a nerve-racking training mission. Mapped and tracked through OptiTrack, people can freely move through the installation and pick up objects to complete their mission, delivering a freedom of movement that had never been achieved outdoors before.

The VR Training Field was part of the bigger Jack Ryan Experience, offering a triple threat of technology, storytelling and thrills. MediaMonks co-produced several parts of the event that allowed fans to activate the hero inside themselves through a series of awe-inspiring activations. Transforming a 60,000ft2 parking lot into a Middle-East black-site, our VR obstacle course was complemented by an escape room, and a bustling bazaar where fans could complete mini-spy missions.

The innovative introduction to Prime Video’s newest show became the most talked about activation at Comic-Con 2018. Generating hundreds of hits in press outlets from CNET to The Hollywood Reporter, the activation set a new bar for brand experiences and breakthrough uses of VR.