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DIY Videos to #LiveLifeOutside

TruGreen believes that life is best enjoyed outside. TruGreen wanted to help their audience achieve this goal by giving fans tips and tricks that will help them #LiveLifeOutside to the fullest.

LaneTerralever and TruGreen aimed to capture the audience’s attention and show them how TruGreen can be their partner in the lawn care world. They understood that not everyone cares about the science behind a great lawn, so they sought to gain trust and brand awareness through fun outdoor activities.

LaneTerralever created a three-part series of DIY videos that showcased fun, engaging craft activities that any homeowner can do with his or her family. The idea being, when your lawn, trees, and shrubs are taken care of by TruGreen, you have time to enjoy your home’s yard even more.

With that objective in mind, LaneTerralever researched popular subjects such as patio gardens, holiday décor, and outdoor crafts for kids. They created ideas that could reach and resonate with a large audience. Their patio herb garden DIY video was applicable to homeowners with large yards or soon-to-be homeowners who may only have a small patio space for gardening. Their DIY bamboo play tent video was a big hit among families and parents. And their DIY fall decorations video (which utilized a tomato cage) was a big hit among gardeners and decorators