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Innovating in a Brutally Competitive Environment

WellMatch, a new business unit of the insurance company Aetna, partnered with Koombea to build a price transparency platform to let end users shop for medical services.

Getting multiple integrations and services to work seamlessly together were some of the barriers WellMatch was confronting when they came to Koombea to hire their product team.

The challenge was to create a custom experience for each user and to calculate prices depending on a large number of variables. As Koombea iterated towards product/market fit, the WellMatch app project grew in scope and complexity over time, demanding flexibility and team scalability in the development process.

By the time the first version of the WellMatch app shipped 3 months later, Koombea provided leadership in feature design, product architecture, software engineering, and project management.

The team worked with a complex mix of legacy systems and a dizzying array of HIPAA-protected data like the health plan, location, deductibles, quotas, and other user-specific variables needed to be integrated into a simple, engaging user experience that provided accurate, timely, location-specific pricing information.

Delivering a complete platform that allows users to shop different medical services depending on their specific variables, the app has become the linchpin of a successful and profitable new line of business that has no peer in a cutthroat market.

This innovation has helped strengthen Aetna’s market position by creating a competitive advantage that competitors have been unable to replicate.