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Nuclear Dissent



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A look-back at activism to build a better tomorrow.

Interactive documentary ​Nuclear Dissent ​is a cautionary tale about haunting nuclear destruction, told through the lens of some of the world’s bravest activists and experts. From the weapons tests to the protest, the fallout and the propaganda, the documentary intends to explore nuclear impacts and inspire everyday people to take action and affect big change.

In 5 short video chapters available on desktop, mobile and webVR, ​the user experiences the battle to end nuclear weapons testing through an interactive journey consisting of VR/360o panoramas, X-ray visions of radioactivity, real footages from the protests and a simulation of a nuclear attack in their own neighborhood. By using technology to create engaging interactions Nuclear Dissent makes a historical event relevant and evocative to the audiences of today.

The story is capped off with a raw assessment of where we are today – the greatest global nuclear threats, risks and effects unpacked, and a call to action for support, enabled by the ​Get Involved​ section of the site.

The website received more than 30,000 visitors and the videos were viewed by more than 1 million people. Additionally, the project also earned three international Lovie Awards.