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PATH came to Instrument with a simple ask: create a website that would allow more people to learn about their life saving work.

PATH is a global public health organization dedicated to equity and innovation, driving advancements in vaccinations, sexual and reproductive health, diagnostics and nutrition.

After a year of unprecedented collaboration, Instrument launched not only a best-in-class digital publishing product, but also a transformed organization that redefines what an NGO can be.

Through brand and organizational strategy, positioning, a holistic global rollout, and the full design and development of their new publishing tool, Instrument was honored to be a part of building a new path for humanity where better health means stronger countries, growing markets, shifting economies, and social progress for all.

Instrument empowered PATH to publish and maintain a beautiful and far-reaching website, to relaunch their brand across six continents, and to bring every employee in every field together under one banner.