The Soda Academy

Hyperloop Interactive Webpage

Partnership with Delft Hyperloop to create the ultimate product experience page for their pod reveal event.

Working together with the Delft Hyperloop team, INDG created a rich web experience using 3D visuals and PEX framework to tell a visual story of the technology behind their pod design. The page begins with an exploded view of the pod, with the mechanical components seamlessly gliding through the air, coming together to build the pod.

The key focus of the page is to allow users to explore the unique technology that enables the pod to work. This is an interactive experience where you can navigate between different sections and explore details of the pod’s engineering, stopping to dive into the mechanisms and learn more about each component and zoom in the details with 3D animations to show how each part will work in practice. Users can then swipe through information about a proposed route from Amsterdam to Paris, learning about the speed and potential time savings.

The page also includes general information about the Space X Hyperloop competition and links to the accompanying VR experience, available on iOS and Android.