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MatPat’s VR Game Lab

Transporting players into virtual video games.

YouTube personality MatPat has amassed over 6 million subscribers on his ‘Game Theorists’ channel by breaking down your favorite video games using real–world science. To get fans excited about his new show, which puts famous YouTubers into real-life versions of popular video games, Grow & Hook created the ‘MatPat’s VR Game Lab’ – an immersive 360º and VR experience.

The landing page invites users to experience the first episode while learning more about the series. Designed and developed to evoke an experimental video game laboratory theme, the interface leverages WebGL-based animations and interactions.

Once they’ve entered the virtual reality experience, fans can join host MatPat for a unique 360º preview–including ‘inside-the-scenes’ content–of each of the show’s eight episodes. Viewers are transported into immersive real-world versions of popular games, including Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, and Mirror’s Edge.

Fans with a Cardboard viewer can tour the Game Lab in Virtual Reality directly from their browser. While the best VR experience requires a Google Cardboard viewer, the full 360º experience also works across mobile, tablet, and desktop by using the screen as a window into the environment.