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Here to Create Legend


For the 30th anniversary of adidas’ sponsorship of the Boston Marathon, Grow turned the 26.2-mile course into a creation engine.

For their 30th anniversary as sponsor of the Boston Marathon, adidas wanted to celebrate the runners with a digital experience that embodied their brand mantra, “Here to Create,” a platform that recognizes athletes as creators.

Using the data from the runners’ RFID-enabled race bibs — the very bibs that sport the adidas logo — along with a custom video capture and rendering process, Grow transformed the Boston Marathon course into a creation engine. Grow created 30,000 personalized films for each of the 30,000 runners in the marathon, all delivered within hours of the end of the race.

Each personalized video featured footage of the runner, isolated based on his or her race data, along with personalized motion graphics and title cards that featured the runner’s starting group, split times, and completion stats. Woven together with narrative footage from the full marathon, the videos told the story of each runner’s legendary performance in the historic race.

Runners loved their videos, watching them to an astounding 97% completion rate. Social media shares garnered thousands of comments and reactions. Adweek deemed the campaign “an incredible feat.”