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The Native Opportunity: Building Better Ad Experiences

Cohesive with the look, feel and function of the surrounding content, native ads present an opportunity to engage consumers with a better user experience.

But because native ads flex to fit their environment, advertisers don’t always know how their ads will look once they’re live across different publisher formats and devices.

DoubleClick is offering new resources to solve this: a new interactive tool and guide to getting started with native ads let marketers visualize how different creative components like a headline, image, copy, come together in a native ad.

Beautiful native ads, made easy
When everyone understands what’s needed to build successful native campaigns, the outcome is beautiful and relevant native experiences. DoubleClick seeks to promote a common creative language around native through better tools for education and planning strategy. Publishers, advertisers and agencies can use the interactive native demo tool to preview how native ads render across sample web templates on mobile, desktop and tablet. The downloadable guide to getting started with native provides actionable tips on creating impactful campaigns. Used together, these tools empower marketers to build native campaigns that move the needle.