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London Metropolitan Police


How do you adapt an organization as traditional as the London Metro Police to a city as digitally advanced as London?

In 2015, the London Metropolitan Police (Met Police) faced both public demands for reduced budgets and an expectation from 83% of Londoners for online police availability. The Met Police approached Globant for help in creating a strategic vision that would allow them to navigate budget cutbacks while still meeting the public’s digital demands.

Globant came to understand that Londoners’ expectations of how they should be able to contact the police had changed dramatically: they wanted the ability to connect with the police on social and digital platforms. Our teams envisioned a solution that would allow the police and public to communicate quickly, efficiently, and across multiple platforms.

We helped create the Met Police’s digital police station, a website which allows the public to access a wide range of vital police services. This strategy was based on the idea that police, who have historically engaged in a ‘parent-child’ relationship with the public, needed a peer-to-peer relationship to deliver a necessary public service while meeting the public’s increased demand for access to the police.

The Met Police’s new website makes its services available to the public by transforming paper-based processes into digital formats, including incident reporting and citizen complaints. Londoners can now report any kind of crime online. The Met Police also began using social media to identify crime, respond to requests quickly, and communicate with the public more effectively.

Globant’s team delivered a seamless self-service solution that both reduced the costs associated with physical channels and made improved services available to a larger number of citizens.