The Soda Academy


A room-scale VR game made for the HTC Vive.

Instead of creating a traditional holiday card, the team at Firstborn developed Nick, a tower defense survival game—all in virtual reality. Built in the Unreal gaming engine, this first-person, room-scale VR experience lets users take control of a variety of weapons and tools to fight off endless waves of evil robotic elves. As Santa’s survivalist alter ego Nick, users must move around the environment to set up defenses and dodge attacks to beat back the onslaught. ‘Tis the season!

Nick, which debuted on the HTC Vive VR platform, takes place in the year 2027. Civil unrest grips the North Pole. Santa Claus has fallen on hard times and decides to keep up with a changing manufacturing landscape by creating a robo-elf manufacturing arm. When his creation turns into an army bent on his own assassination, he is forced into hiding… until now. As Nick, players must ready their defenses and prepare to make one last stand against endless waves of deranged robo-elves.

Nick is the 9th VR experience to come out of the Firstborn team. Other projects include an interactive racing experience for Mountain Dew that featured the first-ever “virtual voting” utility in the VR space. Firstborn has also created VR experiences for brands like Chevron, Patrón and Audible.