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Creating engagement and awareness in a mobile first world

Fancy Pants Group

Conill, the multicultural agency of record for Toyota tasked FPG to create mobile experiences to bring awareness for the all new Toyota Corolla Hatchback for their “Label Free Spirit” campaign.

Conill and Fancy Pants Group collaborated to design and develop multiple pieces of content and interactive experiences for a young multicultural mobile audience. We created 4 mini games in English and Spanish that allowed the user to use gyro and touch controls to play and learn more about the Corolla Hatchback. This was then repurposed into a display units where users can also play the games from within targeted ad units. We also leveraged our 3D expertise to create additional content using the models and placing them in different locations and colors to provide additional content for use throughout different aspects of the campaign. Lastly, we leveraged our video product Savvy Generator to create video content for eye-catching social advertisements across Snapchat, Facebook, and more.

Today’s on the go, mobile audience have shorter attention spans than ever. By finding them at the right time, and giving them experiences that entice and delight them for these brief moments throughout the day, we are able to hit home and capture their time, attention, and interest.