The Soda Academy

Opening a Window on the World for Condé Nast Voyages

Condé Nast Voyages wanted to redesign their travel site to be more reflective of the luxury travel experience they offered.

They wanted a fresh new look, a more seamless user experience, and an inspiring online destination that better reflected the modern, bespoke travel services they offered.

Fancy Pants Group redesigned the UX so that users would experience the concierge service they would receive from Condé Nast Voyages from the moment they arrived on the website. They created new features to make it simple to filter and browse destinations, and created beautiful itineraries, and interactive Google maps for users to explore. A new booking option was also added which allows users to begin planning their trip of a lifetime from any page on the site.

Condé Nast Voyages already had beautiful photography of their destinations, but Fancy Pants Group knew they could make the destination even more immersive. They transformed the existing photography assets into dynamic, moving cinemographs to create more deeply emotive connections with users. Parallax scrolling and subtle animations add to the fresh, modern, high-end look.