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Digital Realty


Finding the Customer Experience sweet-spot for a global tech leader.

At the beginning of 2018, DPDK was appointed as strategic partner with Digital Realty to transform their overall customer experience, starting with one of their most important digital touchpoint: their global corporate website.

Digital Realty is the world’s largest full-scale data center provider. They are the industry leader offering colocation, wholesale deployments, interconnection and cloud services.

DPDK believes brands need to go beyond thinking solely about the customer interaction with their product and instead reimagine a customer’s total experience before, during and after the interaction as well. Away with single touchpoint thinking! Start developing a thorough multi-channels perspectives that connects all the dots that influences the CX.

Taking on their holistic approach enabled the creation of a product that connects Digital Realty’s business objectives to their different customer journeys, with a branding that is stronger than ever. The first outcome is a new Digital Realty global website which is filled to the brim with both service and experience design.

Unique, relevant & personal

Only if we first take a look at where the brand needs to be in terms of digital brand design and create this first, will we be able to design a unique digital brand that is identifiable and future proof. With Digital Realty we did just that.

Second, looking at the product design, we created the website fitting the needs and opportunities coming from the total customer experience in order to create a relevant platform for all important target groups.

Finally, we identified all content that was needed to create an emotional connection with the target audiences. Starting with guidelines, we went into production which involved a world-round-shoot. So every image, every video, illustration and animation on the website is specifically designed to create a personable experience that connects customers with the brand.

The nitty gritty

Example: the concept of perspective is clearly visible in the Digital Realty logo. We worked in this concept into the design of illustrations, page transitions, animations and even photography. To illustrate some core services and processes we developed a series of animated illustration in isometric style. And the photographs and videos shot inside datacenters incorporate the same perspective lines.

Single product experiences are islands. When we create a customer experience instead and weigh in product strategy, brand strategy and content strategy, we reach the CX sweet spot. Which leads us to great and unique products as this for Digital Realty.