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Mondriaan Cross-Medial Campaign


To celebrate 100 years of Mondriaan and De Stijl, Dept was asked to create a cross-medial campaign for Gemeentemuseum Den Haag that includes an online experience, a motion piece and several ads.

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, the municipality museum of The Hague, has the world’s largest collection of work of the famous artist Mondriaan. As such, the museum serves as a center of expertise for all things Mondriaan and De Stijl.

Dept was tasked with creating the interactive website Mondriaan.nl and an animation showing Mondriaan’s development to abstraction.

The website pays homage to Mondriaan’s most notable work. Designed as an explorable canvas in which you can paint the lines as he would. With this, you can discover the different facets of the work and life of Piet Mondriaan. The development of the interactive animation made a journey through his geometrical wonderland possible; think of the development of realistic landscapes, to brightly coloured mills. And of cubist cityscapes to the famous red-yellow-blue.

For a long time, Mondriaan was only loved among art lovers, but with the creation of this campaign, Dept has succeeded in generating enthusiasm in the broader public for this internationally famous artist.

The website received more than 30,000 visitors and the videos were viewed by more than 1 million people. Additionally, the project also earned three international Lovie Awards.