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Ed and the Curious Crew at the Royal Children’s Hospital

When a child is admitted to hospital, it can be a scary transition and at times they can feel isolated from the outside world. Many children can also face a substantial disruption to their usual schooling program. The Royal Children’s Hospital Education Institute is committed to providing a rich learning experience for children and young people so that their learning journey can continue in hospital and so that their return to school is as seamless as possible

Deepend worked together with the Royal Children’s Hospital to provide a fun learning experience through creating an application called “Ed and the Curious Crew at The Royal Children’s Hospital”, fondly referred to as, The Ed App.

Through rich storytelling elements and vast learning materials included, the app is educational, interactive and complements a child’s learning experience.

In the app, Ed and his group of curious friends take the students on an adventure around the hospital - discovering and learning about topics such as nutrition, philanthropy and sustainability along the way.

Deepend created a contextual, digital learning environment that families at Royal Children’s Hospital could enjoy during their stay. Deepend worked closely with the teachers and staff within the hospital to create an app that was as educationally sound as it was fun and to ensure the very best learning outcomes.

The app fuses together the latest in digital technology and educational tools, utilizing gamification to engage users and motivate them during the experience. Through rich hand crafted content and immersive storytelling, Ed and the Curious Crew, can be enjoyed by all ages.