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Making the Aperol Spritz the Drink of Summer


With the help of a broad influencer marketing initiative, the vibrant orange Aperol Spritz has now become the daytime drink of the summer.

Over the course of summer 2018, Campari Group partnered with Collectively on a broad, ambitious social media influencer campaign establishing the Aperol Spritz as the go-to daytime cocktail for summer. Leveraging and amplifying an emergent trend around people sharing their photogenic spritzes on social, Collectively tapped existing fans—optimistic tastemakers in the 25-35 age range across genders—to create stand-out visuals and storytelling that epitomized the brand’s persona and values.

The strategy comprised of three tracks:

To further amplify Aperol-focused experiential marketing activations at music and cultural festivals throughout the summer, Collectively cast Ambassadors with broad reach on social media to attend events and share their Aperol Spritz stories with their audiences. This resulted in massive coverage of Aperol front-and-center at widely-anticipated events including The TASTE LA, Jazz Age Lawn Party, and Full Moon Fest.

For even broader exposure across social, Collectively tapped Evangelists with highly engaged audiences to integrate the Aperol Spritz into their summer plans and at key seasonal moments, including Summer Solstice, July 4th, Labor Day.

To drive additional awareness and interest, Collectively sent sampling boxes complete with Aperol Spritz kits to Advocates whose excitement came through in their colorful social content.

The social posts accelerated throughout the summer, with the gorgeous orange Aperol Spritz featured across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and popular blogs.

With this campaign, the Aperol Spritz truly took over social media and mindshare, driving sales and even drawing the attention of the mainstream press, including The New York Times. The overall results included: 99 social media influencers/content creators; 334 posts across blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter; 24M potential impressions; 247K engagements; 1M IG story views; and 1.67% engagement rate