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Sints Cadeaumachine

Goodbye paper toy books, hello digital Sints Cadeaumachine!

Born05 and launched the first ever digital Sinterklaas toy book. Sinterklaas is a famous Dutch tradition comparable to Christmas. Sints Cadeaumachine lets children playfully swipe their favorited toys onto their own wish list. Parents can then easily choose which of those items they want delivered. The totally unique wish list generator uses a newly developed UX made by a special team of toddlers (and ‘grown ups’).

In Holland and Belgium paper toy books have always been the only places for toy manufactures to advertise their Sinterklaas presents. wanted to change this. Born05 then came up with Sints Cadeaumachine. It offers toy brands a totally new advertising channel, making the project profitable from the start.

Sints Cadeaumachine was built for and with the help of kids. A totally new UX was thoroughly tested by several teams of children in different age categories.

Sints Cadeaumachine therefore fits perfectly in the way kids communicate. Offline toy books are outdated. Kids much more prefer to use their tablet or phone to find their toys for Sinterklaas. The Cadeaumachine also helps parents to easily order exactly the right presents and makes it possible to gather data on what kids want.

Sints Cadeaumachine is packed with colorful pictures and videos of around 500 different toys. Retired Sinterklaas, Bram van der Vlugt, provided all the voice-overs to help kids and parents through the entire experience. Sints Cadeamachine brings a centuries old children’s festival to 2016, without losing its traditional look and feel.