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Our Voices Are Vital

Big Spaceship

Since 1971, Greenpeace has been fighting to protect the planet. Suddenly, they found themselves fighting for their very existence.

Facing staggering lawsuits that would set a dangerous precedent for voices of opposition everywhere, Greenpeace needed a campaign that would mobilize people around the globe to speak up in defense of the non-profit and everyone’s right to free speech.

The Our Voices Are Vital campaign served as a bold rally cry that galvanized a powerful tapestry of voices from across the globe. The campaign was anchored by a film that showed the true power of free speech and the many people that depend on it, while a first-of-its-kind initiative allowed supporters to literally donate their voices to the cause. As the voice donations amassed, they unlocked representations of free speech from renowned actors, artists and activists that helped supercharge the global outpouring of support.

Over the course of a single month the campaign raced across the globe and the voices of the people were heard. On October 17, 2017, as a testament to the power of free speech, Resolute’s case against Greenpeace was dismissed by the US District Court.