The Soda Academy

Dannon Oikos: The Snack of Side Hustles

It’s not just for breakfast anymore. Partnering with Misty Copeland, Big Spaceship helped turn Oikos Greek Yogurt from a morning staple to anytime power snack for a new generation of side hustlers.

Greek yogurt had peaked as a breakfast food, with growth leveling off for most major brands. Dannon Oikos asked Big Spaceship to help them break out of the morning routine. Big Spaceship knew this protein packed, low calorie food had potential beyond the parfait.

Their idea? To turn Oikos into an anytime power snack for millennials. To fuel your passion and help you be unstoppably you. The official snack of side hustles.

Big Spaceship enlisted prima-Ballerina and side-hustler extraordinaire Misty Copeland to show how Oikos helps her do all the things she does, with a colorful and stylish split screen video showing off the many sides of Misty. With limited time, they turned a four-hour shoot into a content factory that produced a broadcast quality spot, a complete still shoot, and tons of social content.