The Soda Academy

Narcos – Case Study

Catch the user's attention and generate conversation around the launch of the show with a highly-contextualized campaign, displaying impactful true facts and making a comparison with everyday life situations.

In August 2015 Netflix launched Narcos, a new show telling the true story of the rise of the cocaine highway. It tells the story of how Pablo Escobar, the famous narco-trafficker, builds a real empire in Colombia in the 80’s.

Inspired by all the unbelievable true facts that are related to Pablo Escobar and his Medellin cartel, Biborg designed a highly contextualized digital campaign to be impactful and draw attention to the show.

Through a digital campaign set up in metro stations, business centers and malls across France, Biborg was able to access people’s daily lives by creating 35 contextualized, powerful comparisons on true facts between Pablo Escobar’s cartel and everyday life situations.

Online, they created impactful ad units with strong messages like Homepage Takeover, YouTube Masthead Unit and WeTransfer video skin to raise interest and invite users to learn more about the series.

On YouTube, they created a YouTube Trueview revealing more content about Pablo Escobar, enticing people’s curiosity and not to skip the video. They creatively used key facts which had an echo in every French people lives. For example, they compared the size of Escobar’s villa to a football pitch, or the number of people he employed to the population of a French city.

Biborg also developed a Slideshare on LinkedIn which creatively presents the cocaine business during the Medellin cartel era.