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The Adobe Design Achievement Awards


With 14 categories, the Adobe Design Achievement Awards are a competition for creative students of all disciplines, with a mission to identify a new generation of standout creative professionals the world over and launch their careers.
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Wonjun Jeong

Color is a visual essay that brings to life an interview with Shirley Kurata – done by the creative blog NOWNESS – in which she expounds on the importance and power of a personal uniform.

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Käfer: Coffee + Roaster

Jordan Richards

Meaning "beetle" in Germany, Käfer Coffee + Roaster is an affordable, upscale coffee shop based in Berlin. The elements of this winning packaging design – from amber glass bottles to cardboard brown cylinders – were intended to reflect the handcrafted, sophisticated tone of the company.

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Suhail Suri

This winning commerical photography campaign reflects the modern notion that "fashion has no gender". Styling, composition, lighting, and props come together in a crisp expression of gender freedom.

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Works In Progress: CalArts Graphic Design Program Show

Junki Hong

A "tapetype", constructed from straight lines and 45-degree strokes of masking tape, lies at the heart of this exhibition design. Emphasizing process and progress, it is a unifying element across the many show's communication mediums.

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Creative Storm

That’s So MUJI

Annette Lee + Brigitta Martiana

These oddly satisfying advertisements for Japanese retailer MUJI express the brand's clean but quirky personality in a completely unique way.

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TU9 – Germany

be still, get up

Siena Mae Allison

An emotional visual diary that cycles through snapshots from memories and dreams, blurring the line between reality and fantasy.

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Tool Box In The Real World


Chetan Singh Kunwar

Residue is an interactive book that transports readers into the heart of Savannah's Hurricane Matthew. Through a surprising use of materials and interactions, users literally construct and deconstruct the book, causing destruction and chaos on the pages and becoming the hurricane themselves.

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2017 SVA Motion Graphics Portfolio Screening


Ben Bueno

These winning illustrations answer French journalist Bernard Pivot's famous questionnaire in 10 smart and witty frames.

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Packaging of Ekibens in Yilan

MUJI IoT Concept

Kihyun Kim

This clean, well-researched and highly functional application brings a user's housewares from Japanese retailer MUJI to life through the Internet of Things.

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Tummy Trek

Afro Indy Dandy

Alena Gelen

A creative collaboration with African fashion designer Hunter Blue that tells a story of romantic love and gentle masculinity. Gender-fluid beings allow their emotions to flow through their dress like music.

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Every Grain of Rice

Carol Nguyen

A short film exploring love, family, and cultural identity through food.

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Forgotten News, Forgotten Names

Habitat – Human Altered Landscapes

Tom Hegen

Habitat offers a new perspective on our planet. 90 aerial photographs document human intervention in natural spaces, telling the story of where we mine raw materials, how agriculture affects our environment, how our infastructure impacts our neighbors, and why we should care.

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You Are Not Okay

Heewan Park, Yumi Kim + 황 도이

An impactful animation that raises awareness of panic disorders, helping viewers understand symptoms and their seriousness and know that they're not alone.

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INCOGNITA | Abject Poverty in Major Cities

Ethelia Lung

INCOGNITA is an interactive experience that attempts to visualize abject poverty – often invisible – in major cities by allowing users to reflect on the issue through objective and emotional lenses.

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