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About SoDA

About SoDA
SoDA serves as a network and voice for entrepreneurs and innovators around the globe who are creating the future of marketing and digital experiences.

A Society is Founded
Miami, March 2007: 13 leading digital agency CEOs decided to meet up and have a talk about where our industry was headed. New friends were made, business problems and solutions were shared, and a society was formed. We were on a mission to advance this industry we all felt so passionate about. We made it official at SXSW in March 2008 and welcomed our founding partner, Adobe.

What SoDA is
Today, SoDA is an international association of respected digital marketing leaders and entrepreneurs with a history and a vision for the future of marketing. SoDA remains an extremely selective association of the world’s most preeminent companies with digital DNA. Membership includes 107 leading digital agencies and elite production companies with offices in 34 countries on six continents.

SoDA provides leadership, platforms, infrastructure, processes and products to enable collaboration between member companies. SoDA Academies, launched in 2015, provides additional opportunities for engagement and collaboration with a highly curated group of discipline leads from around the world. Click here to see the SoDA Reel.

SoDA Board of Directors
Pauline Ploquin, Struck, Board Chair
Julie Allen, Fuel
Kath Blackham, Deepend
Steve Glauberman, Perficient Digital
Wesley ter Haar, MediaMonks
Andrew Howlett, Rain
Tony Quin, IQ
Jonathan Tann, Odopod
Russ Whitman, Ratio

SoDA Staff
Tom Beck, Executive Director
Kendyll Picard, Operations Director
Kristen Marzonie, Membership Manager
Lakai Newman, Communications Manager
Amie Brown, HR/IT/Finance Specialist
Jessica Ongko, Designer
Pamela Strother, Partnerships Program Manager
Rachael Gonera, Partnerships Program Assistant

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