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Introduction To Agency Leadership

Drew Ungvarsky, Grow

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We are the agents of change for our clients and customers. We imagine and create never-before-seen experiences, products, services, content and more. We drive transformative business results. We change brand perceptions. We even disrupt industries.

But the culture of change starts closer to home: within our own companies. It starts with the vision we cast and drills down to the day-to-day mechanics of how we get it done.

As agency leaders, it’s our charter to create the environment in which we can deliver on this promise of change—from our people to our processes and everything in between. We must continually evolve as organizations and as individuals alike, choosing where we want to create a lasting impact and prioritizing our efforts accordingly.

This edition’s Agency Leadership section is full of incredible thinking on the subject. How can we align our strategies and our actions to deliver value-driven consumer experiences and desired business outcomes? How do we create a culture of disruptive thinking across the entirety of our organizations, and enable our teams to do what they do best? And how can we go even further, challenging ourselves to truly impact the lives of people around the world, or even the future of our planet?

Dig into these topics and more in this year’s issue. We hope you enjoy.

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About the author: A client once told Drew Ungvarsky he needed a “look” to be taken seriously as a creative director. He was probably right. Still, Drew’s been able to lead his digital agency Grow to great acclaim as the company’s CEO and Executive Creative Director. The company has pioneered renowned digital advertising campaigns including Madden GIFERATOR, Burberry Kisses, and Coca-Cola Hilltop Re-Imagined. They’ve been awarded twelve Cannes Lions including the inaugural Mobile Grand Prix, and have been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, Fast Company, Mashable, and Advertising Age.