The Soda Academy

Introduction to Talent

Behind every piece of great work is a team of talented people. Our success as agencies depends on our ability to consistently find, hire and empower those people. The talent challenge isn’t new or unique to our industry, but the market is as competitive as ever and roles seem to get more specialized each year.

Brooke Heck’s article builds a case for why developing a strong employment brand is essential to any digital agency in today’s competitive market. She goes on to provide practical steps for creating or fine-tuning your employment brand.

Of course, after making the right hires, we enjoy the continual challenge of keeping people engaged in their work. Cain Ullah walks us through the approach at Red Badger, largely informed by Dan Pink’s book, Drive. By “incentivising beyond the stick and carrot,” Cain explains how we can tap into deeper and more lasting sources of inspiration that sustain employees over time.

Cain also touches on a growing theme in our industry: hiring for diversity. Research confirms that diverse creative teams solve problems more effectively than non-diverse ones. Accordingly, diversity initiatives are emerging as both part of employment brand strategies as well as critical business strategies.

We’re attracted to the constant changes of our industry in terms of technology; let’s also embrace changing trends on the talent side. The articles that follow spark ideas for keeping current and nimble in the evolving discipline of people operations.