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From the Managing Editor

Chris Buettner, Managing Editor and Executive Director, SoDA

Welcome to the Volume 2, 2015 edition of The SoDA Report.

The growth and development of The SoDA Report this year has been nothing short of remarkable. In addition to our biannual trend publication (published in May and December each year) which garners more than 350,000 views/downloads per edition, we also launched a special report series. The latest issue in that series – The SoDA Report on the State of Agency Workflows” has garnered close to 50,000 downloads. We’ll be expanding the special report series in 2016, with editions on everything from experience design to data science.

From around the globe to create the future we continue to be humbled and motivated by the positive industry feedback we’ve received regarding the quality of our editorial content and the value of our primary research studies. We make this publication available free of the charge to the industry as part of SoDA’s mission to share thought leadership and ‘best known’ practices from our member companies and other partners. Our overriding goal is to support and facilitate dialogue between agencies and brands from around the globe creating the future of marketing and digital experiences.

In this issue, we continue to explore the editorial theme of Spurring Positive Change that was the focus of our Volume 1, 2015 edition. Spurring positive change involves interpreting situations where problems are open and ill-defined, tasks are unclear, processes are experimental and where knowledge is something that emerges step by step through continuous interactions with other players.

In his Tech Talk piece, Stuart Eccles posits that the most promising change taking place in the industry today is that more and more forward-thinking digital shops and consultancies are turning new ideas into repeatable, scalable, ‘value-adding’ software solutions to sell to clients.

In Modern Marketer, Ann Ystén underscores that the digital agency of the future needs more than technical and creative expertise. She maintains that it needs business consultants with a deep understanding of the client side and the right skillset to engage effectively with professionals from a wide range of company disciplines beyond just the marketing realm.

These are just a few of the articles in this edition casting a spotlight on the positive changes that SoDA members and other forward-thinking industry players are making in order to drive true business transformation around the globe.

I want to once again thank Barcelona-based SoDA member, Vasava, for translating our editorial theme of Spurring Positive Change (and leaving behind that which no longer serves you) in a stunning visual metaphor for the cover of this edition. I’d also like to thank our entire editorial team as well as our contributing authors.

To become a subscriber of The SoDA Report, please email SoDA and we’ll make sure you have priority access to the release of upcoming editions. We hope you enjoy this issue and, as always, we welcome your feedback, ideas and contributions for future editions.

Chris Buettner
Managing Editor and Executive Director, SoDA